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Juneau Teens Awarded a Spirit of Youth Award

Six youth from Juneau Douglas and Thunder Mountain high schools were awarded a Spirit of Youth Award in Anchorage for their short film promoting healthy relationships, healthy sexuality and nonviolence. They led interviews, edited footage and put together the final production.

Analicia Castaneda, Korbyn Powers, Deanna Hobbs, Justin Sleppy, Addisohn Jones and Calvin Zuelow will receive the Service to Peers award for their participation in Juneau’s Lead On! Digital Storytellers. 

Juneau’s Digital Storytellers, composed of Juneau Teen Council peer educators and Sources of Strength peer leaders, took what they learned from the Lead On! summit in Anchorage and created a short video, which has been viewed hundreds of times on YouTube and shown to numerous audiences including members of Juneau’s Violence Prevention Coalition, high school health teachers, and teens across the state.

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