Building a Peer Culture

Building a peer culture of respect.

By talking up respect in relationships and encouraging your friends and family to stand up and speak up, you can help build a culture of respect in Alaska, person by person.

Want to know more about how to get involved, take action, stand up and speak up in your community, then read on.

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Tell us what projects you are doing in your community to help promote peace and equality and healthy relationships. CLICK HERE.

How can I bring about change in my community?
  • Create support groups
  • Make violence-free pacts with friends
  • Become a peer educator or start a peer education program
  • Start a program that promotes respect: Respect Rx, Fourth R Mentoring Program, Safe Schools and Safe Community Committee, a Lead On! Program.
  • Mentor younger kids
  • Look online and find some great ideas.
  • Have a Facebook or MySpace account? Use it to send out positive messages about healthy relationships to friends! Help your friends get connected.
  • Reach out and get to know people outside of your own clique.
  • Stand up when you see disrespect! Let others know that violence and disrespect are never ok. It will not be tolerated.

If a friend needs help, let them know where to go for support. Let them know that they are worth it.

Avoid stereotyping?

A stereotype is a simple way of thinking about differences, and roles of individuals and/or groups. Stereotypes can be positive or negative, but they are rarely correct for all people of any given group. For example, when people automatically think that a guy should act one way or a girl should act another way they are gender stereotyping. Most of us don't fit in a box.

Break gender stereotypes, here's how:
  • Take a look at how the media uses gender stereotypes and other stereotypes.
  • Show respect to people who are different than yourself
  • Think about how stereotypes have affected you (gender, culture-based, community)
  • Learn how other people and cultures define gender
What tools can I use to Stand Up and Speak Up?

What does it mean to you?