Keep Respect Going

Teens from across the state are working to promote respect and to keep it going. Here are some ideas to live by:

Believe violence never solves problems

Violence might seem like the only solution, but in fact violence usually complicates problems even more. If you can't talk it out find another way. Get some space and find a way to truly solve your problems. There is usually another way to resolve the situation.

Stand up, speak up!

You can stand up and speak up about respect. You can stand up and speak out against violence. Click here to see more ways to take action.

Get to know individuals not identities (don't stereotype)

It is easy to think we know what someone will be like because of the music they listen to, their gender, their culture, their neighborhood, or their sexual orientation. Promote respect by getting to know someone that you might have stereotyped before… you might be surprised if you get to know someone just how much they are like you. Get to know more about youth in Alaska here.

Honor differences: Treat people equally regardless of gender, culture, religion etc.

Sometimes our differences are just opinions. Other times we identify as different because of gender, culture, neighborhood or other beliefs. When it comes down to it, each and every one of us is unique and that uniqueness helps us to create positive change. Promote respect by celebrating uniqueness in yourself and in others. Face your fears of difference and be open to change.

Consider others: Choose your words thoughtfully

Whether through gossip, name calling, or embarrassing others, we all know words can hurt, words can also make us feel unsafe. Commit to eliminating harmful name calling. Promote respect by being honest and choosing your words carefully.

Clearly and confidently let people know your boundaries

To let others know your boundaries you have to first know what they are. Do you know what your boundaries are? Promote respect by thinking about your own boundaries in your relationship, online, and with your friends. Practice how to clearly and honestly let someone else know where you want to draw the line. If your line is being crossed, it may be time to seek help. Click here for more information on how to get help.

Respect boundaries of others

It can be hard to know where other people stand. Sometimes it may seem like they are not very clear themselves. Promote respect by asking someone where they want to draw the line. Listen and honor it.

Listen to and consider other point of views.

Sometimes it is really hard to understand another point of view, especially when it may be different than your own or when you may already feel angry, jealous, hurt, or confused. Promote respect by really listening and trying to understand another point of view. By calmly listening you are more likely to come up with a solid solution.

How would you react to these respect challenges? Compare your answer to other Alaskan youth who take this poll.
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