Leading the Way

Strengthening Leadership and Respect

One way to eliminate violence and disrespect in communities is through youth leadership. Youth that promote healthy relationships in their community can really make a difference. Want to know what it means to be a leader, want ideas on how to inspire others, want to bring together friends and students in your school to create change… then read on!

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So what is leadership anyway?
  • It's being a role model and doing the right thing.
  • It's understanding and guiding friends and your peers.
  • It's helping others help themselves.
  • It's bringing people together to work together.
  • It's about standing up for what you believe in.
  • It's creating new ideas, not just following the old ones.
  • It's truly representing a group.
  • It's about knowing yourself.
  • It's about responsibility.
  • It's about respecting others and yourself.
But how can I be a leader?
  • Be a good example- people watch what their leaders do more than they listen to what they say
  • Care about others-ask questions, take an interest in people
  • Encourage others-support people through tough times
  • Look for sources of inspiration- among people, ideas, environments
  • Share from your own experiences
  • Be willing to share your failures and successes
  • Tell stories
  • Be a good communicator-watch how you speak and what you say, listen
  • Challenge people to be their best
  • Stay informed on happenings in your community, the country and the world
How do I start a group in my community?
  • Ask an adult in your community if they will be the sponsor or adult leader.
  • Find a name and purpose for your group.
  • Decide what exactly you would like to accomplish. Write this down in a statement (sometimes called a mission statement). This can later be revised with the group members
  • Recruit friends, other students, and youth in your community to be part of the group. Think about who you want present, how many people you want to be a part of this group, and how you will decide who is allowed to be a part of the group (applications or first-come first serve).
  • Make sure that all youth have parental permission to participate in group activities
  • Decide with the group when and how often you will meet
  • Choose a place to meet
  • Agree on ground rules with the group (such as no interrupting, no making fun of others, etc.)
  • Identify people that will help out. Are there businesses that might donate food, space, or want to get more involved?
  • Make the group fun.
  • Create a group that supports one another. This can be done through really thinking through the ground rules and demonstrating leadership qualities. See above.
How do I start a peer education group?
Take an interactive survey to find out which of these leadership qualities you use
Take an interactive survey to find out which of these leadership qualities you use

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