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Everyone can stand up and speak up to create change in our communities. Together we can make them safer, stronger, and communities that we all like to be in. You can do this online, at school, or with others in your community.
Let us know what you are doing and how you are creating change. You will see them posted here in 24 hours.


  • I shared a quote on the Lead On! For Peace and Equality Facebook Page about leadership Mt. Edgecrumbe students in Sitka helped to develop posters for Stand Up Speak Up. (we have pictures that we can upload – see attached pic 1 for example – I can get pics from other things as well.)
  • We talked about ending bullying at my school today
  • Romig Middle School Creates Video on Dating Rights
  • Juneau youth organized a Choose Respect Community Mural Project
  • I spoke out when I saw someone disrespecting today

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